Justizia, Bücher für Medizinstrafrecht und Steuerstrafrecht


We represent our clients in all stages of commercial criminal law or tax criminal law proceedings with commitment and determination.

In addition to representing accused individuals, in particular managing directors, members of the management board and supervisory board, we also represent companies.

The critical situations that characterise the beginning of an investigation (search and seizure, press inquiries, communication with employees, internal investigation) call for a professional legal coordination.

Not only can the firm boast an outstanding expertise in the most classic areas of commercial criminal law and tax criminal law (e.g. corruption, insolvency, income tax and VAT law), but also in the area of medical criminal law.

Most far-reaching measures from the investigating authorities and the courts, like pre-trial detention or seizure and confiscation of assets, require from the very outset a bullet-proof defence strategy as well as personal support of the client.

We represent and advise defendants at all stages of commercial criminal proceedings through a team of experienced attorneys, qualified by their years of experience as defence lawyers in commercial criminal law proceedings. We also provide our clients preventive advice and support and coordinate internal investigations.